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Frequently Asked Questions


Where are you located? Our tutors service the multiple areas of NSW. We have significant presences in Western Sydney, Eastern Suburbs, South Sydney, Northern Beaches and Sydney CBD. We are available for in home private tutoring. Our level of personalisation is matched with an unrivalled convenience of ensuring that you are able to receive exceptional tuition services from the comfort of your own home. What are the qualifications of your tutors? We employ trusted tutors who are academically bright and emotionally passionate about education. Our tutors are each respective experts in their subjects and many are undergraduate degree qualified, have achieved amazing results in high school and are current teachers. We have had several years of experience and expertise in hiring only the best and most capable tutors for Flexitutor. All of our tutors are mandated to pass a rigorous three-stage application process which involves successfully meeting our stringent criteria through applications, followed by a phone interview and finally undergoing a successful face-to-face interview with our Flexitutor administration team. What subjects do you offer? We offer a range of subjects from K-12. In particular, we have excelled in HSC specialisations with our amazing team of young educators who have achieved ATARs of 99+, have won Premier’s Medal, university scholarships and have had raving reviews for their ability to simplify concepts and help prepare students for exams and assessments. How do I know you will find me the most appropriate tutor? We have an excellent knowledge of our tutors characteristics, experience and qualifications. We will select the most suitable tutor based on your requirements regarding the student’s current ability, strength, weaknesses or special requirements, subject, level, location & availability. What times are your tutors available? Our tutors are mostly available mornings, afternoons and evenings for 7 days a week. This is subject to availability. Would I be able to speak to the tutor before meeting them in person? Absolutely, as part of the tutor and student connection process – our tutors will call you in order to introduce themselves, discuss requirements and solutions for your learning. What if we don’t like tutor? We place your satisfaction and being our number one priority. If for any reason, you are unsatisfied with your tutor, we will gladly find you another tutor based on your needs and concerns. Where can the tutoring take place? Tutoring can take place in the comfort on your own home or if you prefer, at a mutually agreed location such as a nearby café or a library. What makes us unique? We understand that a meaningful connection between tutor and student is absolutely vital to the effectiveness of learning and education. Our careful selection process and stringent requirements when it comes to choosing tutors ensures that you will be connected with a friendly, passionate and dedicated expert. What do other people say about Flexitutor? We have had many, many happy customers. To see our testimonials, click here.


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